About us

Because its for the everyday REAL person!!
Its not just targeted at the beautifully toned size 6 girls, but the actively shaped vibrant men and women of the world.
FORTETUDE doesn't discriminate, we just want everyone to feel great in the skin they're in. Whether you're at your goal or working towards it we're here to make you look and feel great whilst you push towards those achievements.
Its your go to when running out the door for a workout session but fashionably forward to sneak into the grocery store after to get those few items your pantry so desperately needs. It's that perfectly freeing tank that you can chuck on whilst going to meet your girls for coffee or your boys for a casual Friday night bevvie.
We just want happy, supported, fashionable, comfy customers attending to their everyday lives feeling and looking great about themselves without having to take out a bank loan just to afford nice clothes.
BREAK FREE and put yourself and your healthy, active lifestyle first.
FORTETUDE has your back, Literally!!!
We hope you love our pieces as much as we do <3